About me

Hi there! I’m Todd, a super chilled-out wedding photographer from Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

I drink 200 cups of tea a day (milk no sugar please) and I’m a total outdoorsy person - I’d sleep in a tent in the garden if that wasn’t a bit weird. I have a National Trust sticker in my car, a tiny collection of vinyl and a display cabinet full of Lego that I should maybe be embarrassed about. Most of my best friends are hairy and have four legs, and I do great impressions of them on request. When I’m not shooting weddings you’ll either find me at the beach with a menagerie of animals or at home watching Peep Show/Queer Eye/random terrible documentaries on Channel 5.

I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember - highlights of my fruitful ‘aged about seven’ period include a three-page crime fiction epic done on Mum’s typewriter, and a hand-drawn catalogue of garden tools. Of course. I first got the photography bug when digital cameras really took off in the early 2000s and over the years it turned into an obsession. Since “going pro” in 2015 I’ve shot weddings, events, gigs, festivals, portraits and a LOT of cats.

My photography style is super chilled out and natural - don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually likes posing for photographs, so I lurk in the background and capture all the beautiful and silly moments as they happen. Sometimes I might leap out and surprise your nan. Then I’ll photograph that too. 

But that’s enough about me - I’d love to hear about you!