Hayling Island Woodland Wedding: Hannah & Matt

Hampshire had been enjoying an Indian summer in the run-up to Hannah and Matt’s outdoor wedding at the stunning Tournerbury Woods Estate on Hayling Island, which of course threatened to come to a very soggy end the night before the event! The guests and I arrived to drizzle and some of the greyest skies I’ve ever seen, but the clouds gradually ebbed away as I was photographing the bridal preparations, and incredibly the sun came out just as the vows finished - it could not have been more like a film! We used the beautiful colours of the natural harbour in late summer as a backdrop for some quick couples portraits and group shots, then rejoined the guests for a balmy afternoon of partying in the woods. My favourite bit had to be watching the bride and groom smash the hell out of their wedding piñata with a baseball bat!! Inside was a colourful selection of fancy dress items, which made for some brilliant photos as they circulated around the marquee after the dancing started!

Todd Lawton