Richmond Park Engagement Shoot: Suzie & Dom

I’m not going to lie - this was one of the most difficult shoots I’ve ever done! Not because of Suzie and Dom - they were lovely, and had first got in touch almost 18 months previously so it was great to finally meet them. No, our problem was the weather: we decided to do their engagement shoot in the middle of June, a couple of months before their wedding, but the weather gods served us up with literally the hottest week in 40 years! This was one of those days where just moving around for 5 minutes makes you feel disgusting - not exactly typical for the UK. I was a sweaty mess; Suzie and Dom were not only great sports, but truly managed to look amazing throughout as well (note to self: ask what their secret was after I post this). We exchanged a few emails choosing the location, which ended up being Richmond Park and the surrounding area, with the plan being that we would hopefully encounter some deer. At the risk of sounding horrendously clickbait-y, check out the pics to see if we were successful! :p

Todd Lawton