5 Things To Think About When Booking A Wedding Photographer

OI YOU! Just drunkenly proposed over the festive period? As the semi-permanent hangover wears off and the last of the Chrimbo chocs sit forlornly on the side (no one likes coconut do they?), you’ll be starting to think about actually planning this whole wedding shindig - if you’re really organised you’ll create a Wunderlist that will have ballooned to over 700 items by March. I can’t help you with double chocolate ice sculptures or where to hire a talking dog, but I do know a thing or two about wedding photography - here are my top tips.


1) Don’t scrimp

You’ll want to spend at least 10-20% of your budget on photography - memories are SO MUCH more important than posh food and fancy table decorations. And you get what you pay for, so DO NOT spend less than a grand on a full day’s coverage, unless you want to be the subject of a future Daily Mail article.

2) Figure out what style you like

The buzzwords used to describe different types of wedding photography vary (looking at portfolios and full galleries is the way to go), but it boils down to:

Fine art: each shot takes an hour to set up. You may be asked to wear a fancy designer hat.

Traditional: a guy the same age as as your dad will take the photos, which will be a little bit awkward and shit but no one can quite put their finger on why.

Photojournalist: code for “shy photographer”. He or she will hide in the corner and pretend that group shots don’t matter so they don’t have to tell your auntie where to stand.


3) Make sure you really like the photographer as a person

So after an intense 20-minute Google session you think you’ve found The One. STOP! This person is going to be at your wedding!!! What if they’re colossally arrogant IRL? What if their voice rubs you up the wrong way? What if you have an allergy to the dog hairs stuck to their jumper? Talk to them on Skype or meet them for tea before booking. Interrogate them (be friendly).


4) Work with him or her to get what you want

Does the idea of an engagement shoot make you go all warm and fuzzy inside or induce vomiting? Would you rather have shots of everyone getting ready in the morning, dancing the night away, or both? Do you want a printed album to show off the snaps or are you happy for friends and family to download them? An experienced tog will help guide you through all the options at your disposal.


5) Consider booking me (then do it)

You knew this was coming, right?

Todd Lawton